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Bienvenue à Le Languedoc, où chaque plat est une harmonie de saveurs. 31000 de délices gourmands. Notre note de 4.5 et 2320 excited reviews en disent long sur notre commitment pour offrir une unforgettable expérience culinaire.

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  • Adresse: 4 rue du Languedoc, 31000, Toulouse, France
  • Téléphone: +33561538369 +33567225966 +330186995715




Nikita Roob
Nikita Roob

très bell découverte! You recommanded

Josiah Rempel IV
Josiah Rempel IV

J'ai découvert ce bouillon à l'anniversaire de mon frère. Lieu intimiste, la velours était divine et l'onglet très tendre. Petit plat la salle est une petite rançon sonore du succès de l'endroit.

Prof. Jerad Mraz
Prof. Jerad Mraz

Découverte du lieu , plats de qualité pour un prix modéré , un choix varié , dommage salle petite surtout en période d’affluence et des voisins de table a la voix forte surtout en fin de repas !!!!! mais je recommande ce resto

Taryn Cummings
Taryn Cummings

really a restaurant to recommend! very well placed when visiting the historic quarters and the centre of Toulouse. The plus a cuisine prepared with the products of the market, and especially those delicious homemade desserts. Prices are very reasonable for the quality of products. You will not regret choosing this restaurant. The staff speak English what is quite rare in other restaurants

Otis Mohr
Otis Mohr

at the foot of my client's very practical building so. We really eat very well the menu is not varied but the dishes are very good. The staff is friendly.

Sterling Jaskolski
Sterling Jaskolski

good lunch from noon to the tonguedoc: gravlax salmon quite fine served with green salad and steam potato. friendly welcome and serene atmosphere. nothing special to say:)

Dr. Emile Ferry
Dr. Emile Ferry

the bar of the Languedoc is a former institution in the salin district, the bar has changed hands at the beginning of summer 2015. this bar-restaurant who has seen scrolling generations of lawyers for whom there is only one step from the bar at the counter, it is simply "the bar of lawyers". xavier pigot and ali belhimer, the new bosses, intend to keep the soul of this canteen, without changing anything to the recipe of the roast beef, cut into thin slices and served with fries houses that made its reputation. Nor will they touch the retro frame of the establishment, temple of formica with a massive counter and its period fridges in beige laminate. in its juice for decades, the Languedoc is a bar-restaurant. On black benches, lawyers prepare or connect their pleadings. That's where they're waiting for the verdicts of the court. It's more for the show of a moment than for the table or wines.

Della Daugherty
Della Daugherty

we were attracted by the catch that announced a wine bar - restaurant. Actually, it's more of a neighborhood bistro than anything else. do not go there to taste wines: the menu is very small and offers nothing extraordinary or even original. As for the dishes served, there again, nothing very original. Moreover the day we went there, we were not very well welcomed. I'll probably not go back.

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