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Le Corsaire - Saint-Valery-en-Caux


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Aujourd'hui est un grand jour pour découvrir les merveilles culinaires de Le Corsaire. Situé au cœur de 3 avenue Foch, 76460 Saint-Valery-en-Caux, France, notre restaurant est ouvert aujourd'hui pour vous servir un repas dont vous vous souviendrez. Avec une note de 3.5 et 143 avis, nous sommes fiers d'être une destination gastronomique appréciée.

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  • Adresse: 3 avenue Foch, 76460 Saint-Valery-en-Caux, France
  • Téléphone: +33235974554




Ford Greenholt
Ford Greenholt

Price/quality top with 4 press aeritive6 oysters roggefish of the day hamburger steak wine 1desert, and with all the fresh cheesecakes in it, ttoppip 97 bucks, but you might not see a lot of it.

Sterling Bins II
Sterling Bins II

pitiful welcome to them. He has to learn the kindness of his life thanks to the tourism he lives!!!! the shame !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prof. Paolo Bogisich I
Prof. Paolo Bogisich I

a very marine setting, of small slab on the table meaning the number of it a white decor and a touch of red that does not work on the contrary. a small terrace but rather pleasant the restaurant is quite narrow but very charming. The menu offers mainly dishes on the sea term, different varieties of mussels by example camembert, ... very good. small flat : fries are not very crispy, rather fade and soft.However, a pleasant address in case of small or big hunger.

Prof. Kaia Block II
Prof. Kaia Block II

nothing amazing in terms of kitchen but a real pleasure to eat on the terrace overlooking the harbour. suits the tightest budgets to share a tasting time of mussels from here. no worries about the freshness of the products or about the service, which is done with smile and in good mood.

Joshuah Boyer IV
Joshuah Boyer IV

a normand aperitif (original and good)the authentic menu (pink shrimps, day fish on chorizo, fries and dessert)1 bottle of nutmeg and 2 coffees for 59,30 euros (for 2)a very good service and friendly staff wish more

Monica Will IV
Monica Will IV

lunch two days ago, fish soup or fish skewer with chorizo. complicated to define the incriminated dish. even fries accompanied by a meat dish were soft.

Summer Cormier
Summer Cormier

qualite menu correct price ( rabbit andouille de vire du camenbert servic smiling and very polite critics are on vacation com dab defouloir ga a merci avous

Dr. Henriette Satterfield
Dr. Henriette Satterfield

On arrival, disappointment! bench table, kirs too sweet and warm, soft and warm fries too, desserts not served at the same time because one had landed on earth and infamous coffees...But the shrimp plate and the marine mussels (although warmed also) were good. I still left a tip because the waitresses were smiling, but I won't come back.

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