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Planifie ta visite à Lilla Krogen dès aujourd'hui. Niché dans le quartier animé de 1 Place Mareil, 78100 Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France, notre restaurant est ouvert dès aujourd'hui, prêt à te servir nos plats typiques. Comme le suggèrent notre note 4.5 et nos commentaires 257, nous n'offrons rien de moins qu'une expérience gastronomique de premier ordre.

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  • Adresse: 1 Place Mareil, 78100 Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France
  • Téléphone: +33981898956




Malcolm Barrows
Malcolm Barrows

Feels and tastes like Sweden. Short menu with all the Swedish classics. Dishes are nicely presented and super tasty. Nice little terrace in the middle of the city. Reasonable prices. Smily service. Much recommended if you want to discover or get your fix of Swedish food (several notches above what Ikea offers :-) ).

Gerard Bauch
Gerard Bauch

Visited several times this year but this was first time in their new, bigger premises. Food and service as good as ever but lost just a little bit of it's "cosiness" compared to the previous (tiny) place. Would still recommend to anyone (try the Toast Skagen!)

Laurine Lueilwitz
Laurine Lueilwitz

Alas, I have never been to Sweden and have no idea what native Swedish cuisine is, or should be like. One imagines berries, reindeer, fish etc. (This is not an ideal qualification for reviewing a Swedish restaurant, but there we are.)We were a large, cheerful pre-wedding party and what we wanted was a pleasant ambience, large helpings of enjoyable food and good wine. Happily, we were satisfied on all counts. Among the starters were 'toast Skagen' (which was largely excellent shellfish), and fresh salmon, well prepared. Mains included something with pickled herring - fortunately consumed at the other end of our long, sociable table - and generous portions of pork belly, also featuring berries and other interesting things. Dessert was an excellent tarte aux pommes, which your reviewer is fully qualified to review. We had some good reds, from Provence if rightly recalled, and aquavit to round off. The service took time, but there were many of us, and no one minded. A good restaurant with a slightly unusual menu. Definitely worth a visit.

Violet Wyman PhD
Violet Wyman PhD

I am Swedish and rather patriotic, I am acutely aware that Swedish food is no threat to the worlds culinary stars. However, there is still better offerings.As there are not many Swedish restaurants you must take the role as an ambassador of your country. Lilla Krogen does not deliver the standard expected and I worry that people go there for their first experience of Swedish food and leave thinking I do no like Swedish food.Limited menu - maybe it changes often I do not know but it would be better to do 6 famous Swedish dishes and do them well.Starters I wanted the herring plate but do not like mustard so asked for different herrings instead or more of the other sort instead. Not possible!My husband had gravad lax (salmon) and it came with an apricot purée which did not compliment the salmon.The Wallenbergare was dry and flavourless as was the rest of the dish. Not a true reflection of the dish. Ideally some more lingon purée or gravy should have been available.Bread in Sweden is served with butter - not here - shame.The plates were also to large for the small table - see photo.Finally, the restaurant échos it is too loud and the white walls make it cold and uninviting.The town has many great restaurants but this one is not one of them.

Macie Balistreri
Macie Balistreri

Small but very pleasant Swedish restaurant in the center of St Germain en Laye. Excellent service and pleasant atmosphere. Good choice of different dishes and great quality but for large eaters rather small portions. Would recommend without hesitation.

Alicia Harvey
Alicia Harvey

I never tried proper swedish food until I went there. (I was in Sweden before as a student but never tried proper swedish food)The service is great, the food is great, in fact the price/quality is amazing. Ok it is slightly expensive ( And I mean slightly). Because it is not cheap but the quantity vs the price is good. The service felt personal, and they DO take their time to help you in your choice(s) (without disturbing the other customers). However be aware the restaurant is REALLY small.Either it can be quite empty OR packed.So just in case, book a table beforehand.TIPS: Book a table there and go for a pint beforehand at the Bitterend or Cafe Jules which are 15 meters away from the restaurant

Mr. Schuyler Kuhic III
Mr. Schuyler Kuhic III

A rapid (only because of our schedule), but entirely enjoyable lunch at this delightful Swedish restaurant. The atmosphere is just right, the Welcome warm and friendly but professional. The Salmon and Black rice was just the ticket for a tasty lunch THANK YOU

Laura Dare
Laura Dare

Came over this small restaurant on our way home. First of all i was surprised to find a scandinavian restaurant in Paris, but most of all i was surprised of the quality of the food. Definitely worth the visit.

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