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Bienvenue à Leon De Bruxelles, où chaque plat est une harmonie de saveurs. notre menu est une {célébration de délices gourmands. Notre note de 3.5 et 1262 effusive reviews en disent long sur notre commitment pour offrir une memorable expérience culinaire.

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  • Lundi 11:45 - 00:00
  • Mardi 11:45 - 00:00
  • Mercredi 11:45 - 00:00
  • Jeudi 11:45 - 00:00
  • Vendredi 11:45 - 00:00
  • Samedi 11:45 - 01:00
  • Dimanche 11:45 - 00:00


  • Adresse: 8 Place de la Republique | Place de la Republique, 75011 Paris, France, Paris 11e Arrondissement
  • Téléphone: +33143382869




Dr. Jailyn Schamberger
Dr. Jailyn Schamberger

too waiting with children lack of staff coming to 7 tables packed with glasses more pretzel for patient but the mussels and delicious meat menu children suitable for each older

Larry Barton IV
Larry Barton IV

disappointed by a bad experience at Leon , I decide a new experience with friends, and there nothing to say ,our support is user-friendly, quick order taking, super good and hot dishes, the atmosphere is a bit noisy but nothing serious, the toilets are clean.bref nothing to see with the Parisian establishment of my old visit, I recommend the leon of republic bridals!

Christelle Ondricka Jr.
Christelle Ondricka Jr.

Marine mussels are always at the same level. I'm advising them. No worries. A little too expensive.

Al Bernhard
Al Bernhard

very good meal taken at the restaurant léon de bruxelles, Paris-républiquequalité et fraicheur des fruits de mer et mussels parfaitsservice agréable et tapidebonne ambiance

Dr. Brook Hintz Jr.
Dr. Brook Hintz Jr.

We had dinner last night in this leon. Oh, my god the caricature of the French welcome. a small server that is very friendly and does what it can to satisfy customers (but it is not helped by its supervision). for the rest it is a catastrophe. the manager is unpleasant, aggressive and disparaging with all the tourists. It is a shame to behave thus what image of the france. The kitchen is not up to the table with dishes that are served but not cooked. accompaniments that are missing. You have to relaunch systematically to get everything, ... lamentable. do not try the experience.

Franco Zieme
Franco Zieme

We know very smoothly so I will tell you no more about the quality of the dishes, belonging to their "snailed mussel" in that one (in place of the republic) is really the best. having tested in that of bastille and beautiful thorn, where we do not smell the sauce and dry, it would have been said that they just parseed cheese on it then in the microwave, nothing to do with that of the Plc.Republic! I can't wait to get back to this dish.

Maxime Renner
Maxime Renner

Often French table service has left me impressed - sometimes even moved! - by its attentiveness and professionalism. A different story here. To illustrate: seated by the door, after the kitchen has closed, I observed a couple enter and stand there expectantly. A number of service people walked by, oblivious to their inquiring expressions. After several minutes one of them bothered to explain that the couple couldn't be served.These guys gave me the impression that they resented having to do their jobs. I guess this illustrates the burden of the French labor laws that make firing difficult. Management is stuck with these *ricks.As far as the food, I ordered a mussels cooked in snail butter option that I wouldn't order again. I say wouldn't, rather than won't, because I won't be going to this place again.Another feature was that my fellow diners were the least glamorous crew I've seen in Paris.

Penelope Dickens
Penelope Dickens

we arrived early to avoid rush and to be served faster. Our waiter was pretty nice, though a little bit head up.We had a good night

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