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Explore un monde de saveurs aujourd'hui à Le Nouveau Siecle. Situé à rue de la Baute, 81990 Le Sequestre, France, nous sommes ouverts aujourd'hui et nous avons hâte de te servir un repas que tu n'oublieras pas. Avec une fière note de 3 et 179 avis positifs, nous sommes le choix parfait pour ton aventure culinaire.

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  • Lundi 12:00 - 14:30 | 19:30 - 22:30
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  • Mercredi 12:00 - 14:30 | 19:30 - 22:30
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  • Samedi 12:00 - 14:30 | 19:30 - 22:30
  • Dimanche 12:00 - 14:30 | 19:30 - 22:30


  • Adresse: rue de la Baute, 81990 Le Sequestre, France
  • Téléphone: +33563435888




Adrien Wolf IV
Adrien Wolf IV

that it is a buffet at will and that quality is not the first criterion, it is a fact. We come for the quantity.But that the waitress, still, far from being smiling, removes the plate as soon as finished (ah no forgiveness, there was still salad that could not be consumed). The pompom is probably when a group came in the middle of the service. laughing, screaming, singing and especially disturbing the other tables. This obviously did not disturb employees. and when the waiter is asked to temporize these people so that we can also hear us speak and why not enjoy the evening, the young man's answer was: "I can't do anything, they are accustomed ". lamentable, to banish because visibly the people who come occasionally are not considered to be accustomed, even if they pay the same price.

Madie Kemmer
Madie Kemmer

for those looking for volume and diversity it should be appropriate...For the rest of the ringarde, cafeteria service, quality? without taste! the price, like quality, is very low ...

Dr. Coleman Lehner
Dr. Coleman Lehner

I know this restaurant so I've been there regularly with family. there is a wide choice of buffet level but tastes and flavors are not always at the rendezvous, it is a bit the lottery this restaurant. Personally, my stomach doesn't support him anymore, the last three times I've been vomiting when I'm out!

Brian Morissette
Brian Morissette

clean environment and warm welcome, the value/price ratio remains present and within reach of all scholarships and tastes... to recommend

Meredith Quitzon
Meredith Quitzon

I go there regularly and never disappointed the dishes are varied and the kindness of the staff is no longer to challenge

Aliza Emmerich III
Aliza Emmerich III

having not come to this restaurant for some months, I was disappointed to see that the quality of the dishes had fallen sharply. inputs (nems ...) : no taste or taste of another dish smell of fish. In short, the entrance ended, belly and nausea arrived: first time that it does this to me in a restaurant!Let's try to make all of this by taking hot dishes: fly, funny smell passing in front of some dishes, fade taste, chicken skewer not famous! persistence of the desire to vomit!desserts: a lot of frozen and a salad of fade fruit!bref, not ready to put your feet back despite a nice staff, damage!

Mr. Kale Graham
Mr. Kale Graham

A few months ago, it was one of the good Asian-style buffets around the corner. But for some time (repurchase ? cuistot change ?), it's not quite that. the Japanese part is increasingly minimalist and fade. hot dishes are cold desserts of poor quality. In short, it was better before and we will no longer put our feet there....despite the completed loyalty card.

Darion Robel II
Darion Robel II

arrival at 12:30 a lot of world what derives from the vacuum in some maki sushi dishes the rest could go and desserts one can search for the frozen not the top

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