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Entrez dans Wok Grill, votre porte vers un monde de délices gustatifs. Sur 97 avenue de Lattre de Tassigny, 93800 Epinay sur Seine, France, Épinay-sur-Seine, notre liste de nourriture est une abondance d'expériences, de voyages, d'aventures culinaires. Notre classement sur 3.5 et 2454 enthousiastes illustre notre inébranlable dévouement à concocter des repas d'exception.

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  • Lundi 12:00 - 15:00 | 19:00 - 23:00
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  • Adresse: 97 avenue de Lattre de Tassigny, 93800 Epinay sur Seine, France, Épinay-sur-Seine
  • Téléphone: +33149980898 +330149980898




Ernestine Hirthe
Ernestine Hirthe

insects in the dishes is shameful we went there on Saturday 12 August 2017 of insects in the rice Cantonese beef with onions in the nuggets and perhaps others it is necessary that the hygiene service pass to control in this restaurant

Prof. Sienna Dickens
Prof. Sienna Dickens

the restaurant is much better, more choice and better quality hoping that they will keep this same concept see even better. The small flat the child rate: 1m10 and 1m40., why not do directly at age!?

Jazlyn Funk
Jazlyn Funk

Know that I am part of the clan of those who love to eat good food, of those who do not understand the well-refined French gastronomic dishes with two twigs in the plate and who in addition cost a fortune. I'm one of those who eat when the meal isn't good and don't understand people who don't like to eat. This is just a parenthesis for those of my clan who will recognize themselves. (ecc. 2.24: there is nothing good for man than to eat and drink, and to make his soul enjoy good in his work. And I saw that it also comes from the hand of God.)In this Chinese restaurant, we feel direct that food is industrial. I'd say it's going on. I'll go back, but I'll know it's really not exceptional, without being disgusted. The service is pretty cool, without waves. I went there several times, especially because we can pay with ancv vacation checks and that in addition it is close to my home. For the atmosphere, if you're not scared by the child and you like the family atmosphere, you'll be whistling. The others, get your way.

Dr. Ayla Wunsch
Dr. Ayla Wunsch

I go there often but only for the grilled meats and wok. I don't eat the dishes that are already made in buffet. concerning the wok, you can choose the sauces you want to put in (chief sauce, garlic sauce). The drinks are at will. However, it is quickly filled with world which creates a great dick to cook its grilled or wok, and so a lot of noise.

Jaron Batz
Jaron Batz

really very loud it was filled we na a mi in an allee with two children in high chair everyone fit into nothing in the idem buffet for us we always have to demand the kids who run everywhere it is cheap but we expected a minimum of service yet I do not recommend

Fay Bergnaum PhD
Fay Bergnaum PhD

Although the reception is correct, the service is medium and the dishes made available are of medium quality, too fat, too spicy to my taste. the room being huge, you would believe in a canteen, there are partitions to isolate the areas and isolate the noise

Della Bailey
Della Bailey

these the first time and last time I wouldn't go cold meat heating I wouldn't advise anyone to eat in this restaurant chain if the managers are not able to hold their place to you

Estevan Watsica
Estevan Watsica

It's hard to call this a restaurant, because you have to pay before you can get the right to go to the table... and you can quickly understand why. They are probably afraid that customers will refuse to pay the note at the end given the poor quality and the low assortment proposed. In addition, it is extremely loud as it is located in a hangar, impossible to discuss for example. Anyway, we won't go back.

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