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Bienvenue à McDonald's, où chaque plat est une harmonie de saveurs. fiesta de délices culinaires. Notre note de 3 et 442 enthusiastic reviews en disent long sur notre dedication pour offrir une memorable expérience culinaire.

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  • Adresse: Disney Village, Marne-la-Vallee, France, Chessy
  • Téléphone: +33160420660 +33181730018




Tevin Fay
Tevin Fay

The line was slightly long but all in all, it was really organized and staff were really friendly and helpful. The cleanliness was high and there was a lot of seating to compensate for the tourists.

Cayla Baumbach
Cayla Baumbach

There's nothing worse when everyone's starving and the wait seems endless. Worry not, there are plenty of self service booths at the front of the restaurant to use and they use a variety of languages. Follow the usual instructions but be aware that the menu in France differs slightly, take care to check your order.Once ordered wait for your receipt (it can take a while) and make your way to the self service area to the right. There are really helpful staff here and they will make sure you get your order. Don't be afraid to ask again if it's been a while they are tremendously helpful.I was served in around 5 minutes which seemed unlikely since the queue was through the door. Food wrapped, sauces, drinks everything in one bag. Make sure to get your napkins and straws on your way out as these aren't in the bag!Food was hot and tasty.Fries come with a sauce of their own which is not what we get in the UK but it was rather nice (if difficult as it was in a squeeze pouch). Everything else was the same as we have in the UK except that I personally felt the burger was a little saltier. Prices were also comparable, definitely worth checking out at the Disney Village. Seating was understandably overcrowded so it's worth taking out and walking around the left of the building and sitting on the steps to eat in relative peace. You might spot the elephants along here!

Coty Schinner
Coty Schinner

As McDonald's go, I found this one slightly better in some ways compared to the ones in the UK. The food seems less greasy and salty, the decoration is far less garish and it was much cleaner than I expected. The food is roughly the same price as it would cost in the UK, and there seems to be more variety.However, they seem to think they can deal with serving more people at once than they should. Someone comes round and takes your order in the queue (of which there are about four or five, and the obligatory large groups of people who don't understand that there are, in fact, queues to join) but you have to pay by card here, and know your order off by heart (although you haven't even reached the menu at this point). You can order at the till and pay with cash, but you'll get some eye-rolls.That said, when we did place our order our food came out very quickly and we had no problem finding a table. We also made friends with two rogue pigeons who had come inside for a bite to eat, so that was a bonus.I came here after doing the half marathon last year, so was very hangry and couldn't wait to get into the park to eat, so was very happy to eat here. Would eat here again if I was just as desperate, but it wouldn't be my first choice.

Federico Thiel
Federico Thiel

Its too small considering the location, there were not seating capacity on the day we visited, we had to stand in the que for about 30 minutes before reaching tills.They need to increase the size of the venue also they need to increase number of staff.

Cordia Rogahn
Cordia Rogahn

Perfect place for breakfast on the way into Disney parks. Can order electronically and order was always correct and prompt. My daughter's loved the pancakes and hot chocolate.

Christine Labadie
Christine Labadie

Like you can order yourself , been a few times here and order always right, it might take five minutes to get your food which in fairness is pretty quick considering the sheer amount of people they are serving , staff polite and to be fair the breakfast is pretty nice , actually better then English McDs

Pauline Bergstrom
Pauline Bergstrom

Menu is the same, but you can meke your order by internet and pick at the store. Beer is avilable for evey meal and also healthy options. The fries has the same flavor. The best at 1:00AM cravings.

Stefanie Will
Stefanie Will

Ideal if you want a quick bite to eat. Its the cheapest place to eat too.The usual menu is available here however they are slightly more expensive. This place was jam packed when we went and there wasnt enough seating either. staff were very helpful!

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